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Melclorite Calcium Hypochlorite – Best of the best?

Looking for an alternative product but not sure whats available or comparable?

There are several products in the market today, but with the introduction of the Biocide directive since last September some of these brands will most certainly disappear. Surprisingly not all Calcium Hypochlorite is the same, and when considering different products you should include in your evaluation the following factors :-

  • available active chlorine
  • insoluable material
  • water content
  • BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012 registered

Why? well for the following reasons:-

  • the more active chlorine the less product is required to maintain free chlorine, making a saving straight away.
  • the less insoluable material then the less blockages, contaminants and maintenance costs, again saving on downtime and engineering costs.
  • the more water content the safer the product, as the lower the water content the more risk there is of flammability.

Its all common sense really!

So with this in mind I come to Melclorite, a good number of years ago we developed the FlowTab – a calcium hypochlorite feeder system and after a few prototypes we came up with a workable system which has been successful in the market place for nearly fifteen years and still have early units operational today. Not satisfied with the quality of the calcium hypochlorite we were trialing, we looked for another source of product and found Melclorite.

  • Melclorite boasts 70->75% available chlorine (10-15% more than any other brand)
  • Melclorite is manufactured in Japan with a patented process and has 3 to 5 times less in solubles
  • Melclorite is considered the safest calcium hypochlorite in the world with 12.5% moisture.
  • Melclorite is suitable for use in all well known Calcium Hypochlorite dosing systems.
  • Melclorite competitively priced to compete against well known brands Melclorite is registered with the Biocide Directive

Available in granules, 20g tablets and 200g tablets Suitable for Municiple or Potable water applications Costing and usage studies and references available on request.

Melclorite could be the best business decision you make ……….

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