JAK can offer you competitive prices on all chemicals.

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JAK have numerous different controllers for all of your different needs and budgets.

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FlowTab II Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System

A calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder system, suitable for both municipal and potable applications.

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Melclorite N.X Feeder

Specifically designed to dose Melclorite N.X tablets.

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Dosing Pumps

JAK Water supply several brands of dosing pump, including mechanical, solenoid and peristaltic.

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Water Testing

Whether you are Lovibond or Palintest, Photometer or Comparator, JAK can offer you all equipment and accessories you need for your water testing needs.

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Aqua Couleur

Water Colouring for your pool and spa

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Spares, Breakdowns & Service

Looking for spares, breakdown cover or service maintenance. JAK can offer a comprehensive solution tailored for your needs.

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