Mist-ify Micro


Mist-ify Micro

Clinically proven, multi-purpose, light and portable which is perfect for the car! USB rechargeable humidifier disperses a cool mist for up to 40 minutes at a time. They are a portable, convenient, and a cost-effective way to sanitise whilst also protecting the skin.

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Mist-ify Micro- HOCL Atomiser.

A Natural Defence Against Infection!

For small areas or on hands, face – use with the Hypo-Lytic – Skin range

A small portable sanitising dispenser that is tailored for use in your car.  Included with a dashboard suction cup and an air vent clip, a safe clean atmosphere can easily be achieved.

Can be paired with our  Hypo-Lytic solution or your own mix of essential oils, to achieve varying functions. Can either be used as an air freshener or as an air sanitiser.

Our Hypo-Lytic solution is effective as a safe sanitiser. It neutralises any airborne pathogens as well as those on surfaces. It is great for protecting areas from the risk of COVID.  As general purpose antiseptic. It provides a naturally safe, pH neutral, non-toxic, non-irritant solution for use on all skin types.

It is safe to be atomised around humans, and even has health benefits. Protect your family today.

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