Lovibond Phenol Red Rapid 100 tablets – 511790BT


Phenol Red Rapid

100 Tabs

For use in PoolTester

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Phenol Red is used for pH measurement. The tablet produces characteristic colour changes when dissolved in the water sample. The pH value is important for the disinfection effect of water care products. It can also cause corrosion or precipitation and thus damage materials. The Lovibond® tablets contain thiosulphate to compensate for the disturbing influence of chlorine on the measurement in pool water analyses. In addition, the carbonate levels, temperature and buffer capacity of the water sample can influence the measurement and should therefore also be kept in mind. The rapid dissolving tablet has been developed for use in rapid tests such as pool testers, test kits or comparators.

  • Green Chemistry without boric acid
  • Highest accuracy of test results
  • Easy handling & application
  • Precise dosing

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