Sauna/Steam Essence 5 Litres – Lemon & Lavender


Sauna and Steam Essence 5ltr – Lemon & Lavender

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Complete the process of relaxation with aromatherapy. Our range of sauna and steam room essences are for use within the heating distribution system. Mix 1 part essence to 20 parts water, Our improved formula provides highly concentrated product. Shake Before Use. Add a small quantity to the bucket of water to be added on the hot rocks or to the steam generator. SHELF LIFE 12 Months (Approximate) GENERAL This Product is not classed as corrosive. FLAMMABILITY This Product is not Flammable. HANDLING Avoid Direct Contact with Eyes. Do not consume STORAGE Store above 5 degrees Celsius and avoid rough handling of drums to prevent product spillage or damage to the containers. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN


The lemon oil is known for its uplifting and energizing properties, while lavender is more calming. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of this unique blend.

When blended together, these two oils can create an enjoyable scent that may be used to help relax or provide energy depending on your needs.

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