Weighing up your options with Calcium Hypochlorite.

When evaluating different calcium hypochlorite products, it’s essential to consider several factors. Let’s break down each one:

  1. Available Active Chlorine: The concentration of active chlorine in the product is crucial. Higher active chlorine content means you’ll need less product to maintain free chlorine levels in water treatment or disinfection processes.
  2. Insoluble Material: The presence of insoluble material can lead to blockages, contaminants, and increased maintenance costs. Choosing a product with low insoluble material content helps reduce operational issues.
  3. Water Content: The water content affects safety. Lower water content reduces the risk of flammability. Therefore, products with minimal water content are safer to handle.

For more information please refer to the PWTAG online resources at Understanding and determining the importance of the active free chlorine content of the free chlorine test (TN60) – PWTAG – The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

Regarding Melclorite:

Calcium Hypochlorite – Melclorite | JAK Water Systems

Available Active Chlorine: Melclorite’s 70-75% available chlorine content is indeed higher than other brands, which means it’s more potent and you’ll need less of it to achieve the desired disinfection levels. This can potentially lead to cost savings in the long run.Meclorite Tub

Insoluble Material: Melclorite has a low insoluble material content as compared to other brands, it would be advantageous in terms of reducing blockages, contaminants, and maintenance costs.

Water Content: Melclorite is the safest calcium hypchlorite in the world with 12.5% moisture, making it safer to handle due to reduced flammability risk.

Suitability for Various Dosing Systems: The fact that Melclorite is suitable for various dosing systems adds to its versatility and makes it adaptable to different water treatment setups, which can be a significant advantage depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Available Forms: The availability of Melclorite in granules and tablets of different sizes (20g and 200g) offers flexibility in dosing options, allowing for precise control over the amount of chlorine added to the water. This versatility can be advantageous for different water treatment systems.

Suitability for Municipal or Potable Water Applications: The fact that Melclorite is suitable for both municipal and potable water applications further underscores its versatility and broad applicability.

Melclorite is a strong contender for calcium hypochlorite products, offering high available chlorine content, suitability for various dosing systems, versatility in available forms, and suitability for different water treatment applications.

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