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Are You Ready For The Summer?

With the Easter egg hunt now behind us, it’s time to prepare for the summer and lose those extra chocolate pounds. For those lucky enough to own or have access to a swimming pool, life is made a lot easier. But are you – or is your pool more to the point – ready for that first plunge?

Before you do, make sure the water in your pool (or Hot Tub) is pristine clean – not only for appearance sake (think of that first BBQ with the neighbours!!) but, more importantly, to ensure it is safe for family and friends alike.

Most of us are aware of the importance of checking the Chlorine (or Bromine) levels. But do we all take the time to monitor other levels that might have a short or longer term affect on the pool? In other words, is your water “in balance”?

For most pools, the water should be in balance if the pH value is kept within the recommended range. However, there are other factors that can have an effect on the condition of the water. Regularly monitoring and maintaining Alkalinity within the proposed range keeps the pH stable and helps the effectiveness of disinfectant used in the pool. High Alkalinity levels reduce the effectiveness of adding acid or alkali to the water: low Alkalinity levels increase their effectiveness: either way, pH levels are more difficult to change.

Changes in Calcium Hardness levels can affect fixtures and fittings within the pool. Low levels often result in the loss of grout around the tiles, as the water tries to satisfy its need for calcium. High levels can lead to build up of calcium, leaving deposits in the pool structure and pipe work. This can reduce the efficiency of the filters, increasing maintenance, labour and time. High levels can also affect other tests, including the DPD test for Chlorine.

An ideal, slightly positive Balanced Water will leave a thin layer of Calcium which acts as protection against corrosion.

JAK Water offers a range of Lovibond® water testing equipment that will make checking these levels easy – even fun. Ranging from simple, visual kits to easy-to-use electronic systems, there is something to suit everyone’s requirements and budget levels. What easier way than to use your supplier for chemicals to also provide the testing equipment.

Why not introduce the latest technology to your pool testing regime? Download the App – PoolM8 – (completely free for Android™ and iOS®) where Balanced Water Readings (or the Langelier Index) can be calculated, saved and even mailed.


Written by Elizabeth  Wilkinson – Marketing Manager – Lovibond Tintometer

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